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Your customer plans his product on WebCAD completely and independently via the web browser.
All the necessary tools are developed individually.


Following the planning, the user uploads his drawing in different formats into the system and processes it to be ready for calculation and production.


The customer performs configuration of the drawing in a completely independent way using the product-related and production options stored for this purpose.


The software checks the feasibility of the design based on predefined rules and entered product data.


WebCAD calculates production time and price depending on the number of pieces and machine types being used.


The system generates various types of export data and sends them directly to the corresponding machine.

The six key positive traits of WebCAD


All tools and functions are adapted exactly to the needs of the customer


The graphical user interface is reduced to the minimum required


The design tools are easy to use


The entire properties, logics and production options are fully implemented


All the required production parameters are integrated and are constantly checked for feasibility during design process


The calculation of each design is carried out immediately and in real time

Infinite possibilities

WebCAD is mainly used by producers for customization or design of the product by the customer.
In most cases, the producer implements WebCAD in its existing website, allowing customers to design their products based on its service range. All production, machine and calculation data are defined in the background using the rules and parameters. The customer can thus access the internal production knowledge needed for the on-going design process.

This knowledge is not transparent to the customer and is displayed to him in form of messages: “feasible” or “not feasible” or “alternatively feasible”. With every change of the design, the price and time recalculation can be done at the same time. This process can be complemented, for example, by transferring the data to the respective machines or into the ERP or shop system.

The conclusion of such a digitization is that for the first time the producer is in a position to let its customers plan, calculate and complete their own design fully automatically, without the need to transfer the in-house knowledge. This allows manufacturers endless possibilities.

The added value for your customer

Planning knowledge

The users get an intuitive, easy-to-understand working interface and non-binding suggestions for their design. Thus, WebCAD enables the integration of the complete planning knowledge of a company.
The algorithms that have been established for years in the minds of planners are digitized now.

Product knowledge

WebCAD provides its customer with complete product knowledge without passing it on.
The customer only sees if a design is feasible or not.


Your customers will immediately receive feedback on the feasibility of the design they want. This happens with previously defined rules as well as with parameters from the machine, tool and service spectrum.


In each case, WebCAD is adapted so that all users – without specific know-how – are able to operate the program themselves. The tools for this digitized sales process are completely tailored to the defined requirements.


The adjustment processes and coordination between customers and suppliers lasting so far a long time are gone thanks to WebCAD. WebCAD allows the customers to customize and prepare their product in a very user-friendly way.

Sales promotion

The use of modern and user-friendly software not only boosts the image of a company, but also contributes significantly to the aquisition of new customers and thus to new sales.


WebCAD is the missing link between production and sales in the digitization process of modern companies. The integration of this product on your website opens up endless possibilities.


The user obtains full consistent image of production or a product in the form of a graphical planning tool. This digital tool can be used not only by the customer, but also by your employees.

What customers say about WebCAD

M. Sc. Michael Stift

WebCAD provides the Estech Group with a more accurate and independent calculation. It also gives us access to worldwide customers, regardless of language and culture. This is a milestone in history of our company.

M. Sc. Michael StiftChairman of the Board of Directors - Estech Industries AGEstech Industries AG
Stephan Geiger

WebCAD puts us in a position to go completely new ways. This innovation step changes our entire business model. Owing to this we can further expand our Europe-wide leadership.

Stephan GeigerCEO - Mevaco GmbHMevaco GmbH
Stijn Claes

The use of WebCAD allows us to offer our customers a service together with our products, which sets us apart from the competition in the long run. This will bring us lasting advantages over our competitors.

Stijn ClaesCMO - Fixcenter S.A.Fixcenter S.A.
Markus Winter

WebCAD enables us to link visualized building management to our contracting and service management. All our employees have real-time access to the planning status. This enables very fast and efficient service.

Markus WinterCEO - EIG International AGEIG International AG