Intelligent Webbased Computer Aided Design

WebCAD connects customer with production

WebCAD's technology sets new standards in the area of product and production individualization. The solution enables everyone to sale individual and complex products - from design and planning to the start of production. WebCAD connects people and companies directly with the production mechanisms of other companies. With its web-based design technology, WebCAD enables companies to have playful access to their service or product portfolio by the business customers. It allows the implementation of servizitation and completely new business models. WebCAD has a disruptive effect in most industries.

WebCAD is intelligent web-based designing

WebCAD is a web application based on a client-server model. The software, powered by digitized knowledge and artificial intelligence, enables anyone to construct, design or plan products. The performance spectrum of every company forms the basis for the possibilities of using WebCAD. WebCAD enables the customer to do what planners, constructors, architects, designers, calculators, consultants and production specialists have done so far.