Get the lead. With new business models.

WebCAD enables you to lead

Everyday digitization ​is changing  life in many industries. The trend to change the product into a service is one of the future determining changes.  WebCAD offers companies the opportunity to act backwards from the customer instead of going forward from the product. In previous manufacturing companies, this approach was not manageable due to a lack of technology. WebCAD enables companies to achieve exactly this advantage. 

Business model of the future

With WebCAD companies have the opportunity to find a completely new approach to their existing business model. WebCAD enables people to connect directly with the entire business and manufacturing knowledge in a playful and graphical way. Each customer is able to produce completely individual products. The person at the browser controls the machines directly. The necessary knowledge for this is stored in WebCAD in form of graphic or constructive feasibility rules. WebCAD offers a disruptive approach for many industries and completely new business models.