Increase revenues with WebCAD

Digital consulting and support

through permanent, worldwide availability 24 hours - 7 days

The possibility of being advised around the clock by an online sales service in several languages enables the customer to do what he would normally only get during normal business hours and geographically restricted by the conventional way. WebCAD offers companies worldwide access to customers and markets for products with a high degree of individualization without consulting effort.

Guided Selling

Digital sales support in all languages

WebCAD advises potential buyers digitally. Through the guided product configuration, planning or construction process, customers are supported and guided in product design. With artificial intelligence, alternative configurations, plans and constructions can be offered.

Emotional buying

through intuitive, visual and playful product access

For the customer, buying on a WebCAD solution is an emotional process. Through the visual and individual possibilities, buying gets a playful approach. This strengthens the bond to the product and company through emotions such as "I designed this myself" or "I planned it myself".

Spread digital product knowledge

through digitalization of expert know-how

By using WebCAD, all existing product knowledge is usually digitized and implemented in the configurator or planner in the form of algorithms and processes. This makes it available to employees and customers in a simple graphical form and enables fully automatic 24-hour, 7-day consulting worldwide.

Provide production facilities

through complete digitalization of all manufacturing technologies

WebCAD integrates all production-technical possibilities of a company. Employees and customers are shown the possible and impossible of a company or product portfolio in real time, worldwide and 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Fast scalability

Rapid scalability of the business model Time-to-Volume

A business model with WebCAD enables a company to quickly scale sales, distribution and administration. Products and productions can be rolled out worldwide and in multiple languages, sales can be increased and individual requirements met without significantly increasing resources.

Valuable customer acquisition

Automatic generation of valuable leads

By capturing every configuration or planning by customers, high-quality lead generation is possible to win new customers. With the appropriate post-processing of the WebCAD leads, employees can post-process the data of the precise presentation of the potential customers for all those interested parties who have not yet decided to purchase.

Faster Time-to-Market cycles

Shortening of the entire process

The graphical creation, validation and automated processes by customers who have a WebCAD model at their disposal lead to rapidly shorter overall sales, ordering and production process times. WebCAD thus enables sustainably shortened time-to-market cycles. Speed is an essential sales argument for the customer.